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Very Well said.  I have questions like that too.  Specifically, who is this friend that will be topping.  Has he ever topped before?  How many times?  Has his friend ever bottomed before?  How many times?  If these are two virgins then I see a spectacle of pain and embarrassment.  If his friends is not a virgin is he going to wear a condom?  Has his friend ever preformed this way in front of people.  Nervous jittered will shrink his manhood with all those faces starring at him.  What is people get inappropriate and start heckling or yelling out advice.  This is a huge disaster in the making and you're right... to what artist depth would this display affect the audience.  "Hey you guys.  I just got back from watching this twinky lose his cherry.  I feel so sophisticated now."  I weep for the future.