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To me it is more artistic and beautiful to hold onto that which God gave us and to only use it in the ways it is designed to be used. This saddens me so much to see that this will attract much attention because it is provocative and daring when in reality it is a poor man doing something that is going to give him an pleasureful exstacy but take away much of the innocence he may have once had. We are all evil beings, we can see that society keeps us in check, but putting things like this in the spotlight is always such a destructive thing to our children and our souls.
To have people watch this live is in my eyes a tragic act of prostitution.
I wouldn't put this man down anymore for doing this as a gay man than as a straight art student. It is abusing his virginity completely. Sex is only a medium of beauty and art when it is used in a way to bring glory to God, that is, when it is used the way it is designed. On a stage in front of an audience is not beautiful art in my mind. I am sorry that most of us cannot see that this is not what it is designed for :(