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In reading this article and realizing that there were a total of at least 6 different Persons/Agents spoken too at the Company and that Not a SINGLE One took the Time to get a MANAGER or SUPERVISOR On the phone to speak with the clients regarding this situation is a Total Disregard for ANY and ALL Present and Future Clients/Members!!   I think that the 2 should Sue the Company, In this time and Age where Saying certain things to a Person, say if they were a Potential Employee, regarding their Sexual Preference could and Does Cost Companies Serious Money with a Lawsuit.  I am sure that this is not the First time this situation has come to Light, Say that the Persons Involved were just Friends & Not in Fact a "CO-Habitating" Couple, What would the Response have been then?  Just because the Names are Both Male does not indicate that they are not indicating their Sexual Preference towards another male.  It is very irresponsible of a Company to Have their "AGENTS/REPRESENTATIVES" make assumptions as they do.  It is time for Companies that are Advertising and providing services to wake up and to come into a NEW CENTURY and realize that there are more than 1 type of FAMILY  out there.