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"Wasn't he beautiful? Wasn't he righteous?
Wasn't he everything we want you to see in us?
Wasn't he beautiful? Wasn't he righteous?
Wasn't he a great way to go out when the soft light dies?"

15 years ago I wrote a track called "Scarecrow Song" (Listen for free here:

The song was obviously directly inspired by the death of Matthew Shepherd, but the lyrics were more specifically about the gay community's need to martyr only a SPECIFIC type of man to represent us. White. Blonde. Pretty.

This "PSA" shows me nothing has really changed.

I would find it a lot more impactful if the actors didn't look like models, and they cast people who I could actually relate to. Like... the highest rate of infection amongst gay men is young black men, so they hired two non-black actors, both of whose characters seem to be fairly well off if their clothes and his home are an indication. This PSA in no way, shape or form represents the reality of AIDS and HIV in the gay community in 2013.