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I was neither agreeing or disagreeing with the laws as they currently are, i was just pointing out the state of things in this day and age. I feel for those to whom claim this person used deception and trickery to go around consent and informed consent. I am not sucking up to the law, but I will how ever follow the law as it is right now cause well its the law, whether the laws be just and moral is another matter that i hope the courts can fix in the future. I am far from helping to spread the virus, i advocate, protection, safer sex, testing and asking your partner there status. As well as informing my partners of my status prior to sexual acts and using protection to stop the spread from my own sexual experiences. Unfortunately as i said it is a HE said SHE said situation in the long run, and the courts cannot accept hearsay as evidence as the current laws are. Unless the victim can prove that he either via witness testimony stated he was HIV negitive unfortunately there is no case. However in the matter of the individual whom was intoxicated at time of consent, that consent whether informed or uninformed is null and void cause this person could not give legal consent due to being intoxicated. However, again in this day and age a defense attorney will not might but will attempt to destroy the persons character. It is unfortunate but true in this day and age. I am not trying to suck up to the law i was stating facts as they are even in the unfortunate state that they are in.