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I notice many people saying it is both persons that are responsible. Does this mean that the person who knows he is positive is removed of being responsible of disclosing his status? No it does not. Even if a person is assumed to be HIV+ you can still further infect each other as well as pass on chemical resistant strands. I am HIV- and I am HBV+. I do not do random encounters and unless I'm in a relationship I do not have sex. I make sure through talking with them that they have had their vaccinations and I take them to my doctor so he can explain to them the details, should they doubt my word. It is morally wrong, and in most states it is illegal practice for a person who is HIV+ to have unprotected sex without disclosing the status. It is not discrimination. If the person decides the don't care either out of lust or love that is their right, but they should be given the chance to make that decision them self. Many times in the heat of passion those who have lived a sheltered life or are not very experienced will come up short when it comes to matters such as condoms and safe sex.