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Defending someone for using "word/s" that is seen as derogatory, especially from the LGBT community, I get it, fine. Totally understandable. Perhaps stating that (well, since he's your brother after all), using such term/s is/are inexcusable, hopefully he will learn, or has learned from it, is much better than telling forums that (at least this is how I understood it), John used it, deal with it, John was not wrong--type of message is open for debate. Therefore, you get your mass of responses. I see John has used the words and yes it is something that should be highly noted chiefly in social media, but it's been done. I'm just hoping lesson is learned here (and I mean by John) and it should of ended there. That's it.

P.S. I agree with some of the posts, just enjoy his twerking. If is a homophobe, well, we can't take that, but hopefully he isn't.