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I have seen this done. In my eyes Dayna is a Veteran of this country.  Show respect where it's due.  

I have actually been witness to something like this before. I have seen a waiter that waited on a group of about 13 people. Was very busy and helped each and everyone of them. This gentleman was a great waiter and worked very hard for this group. At the end he brought them their check and seen the note that the person paid had left him.

It said "Because your a Gay Man their is no possible way that I can give a tip of money. What I can give is a tip of advise. Change your life style and then you get tips. God hates fags".  

When he seen this this waiter started crying. I got up and went to see what's wrong. He showed me the note.  When I seen this I was so upset and shocked.  Because of rude people out there this is wrong.  I apologized to him and went and sat back down. I told my party what happened.  What happened surprised me next.  They all started pulling out money piling it up. I went on with this as well.  Soon others around us started pitching in. By the time it was done I stopped the young man and told him that everyone here in this section apologizes and wants you to have this. The young man was shocked and thanked everyone and went to the back.  This young man ended up getting $650.00 tip from people that didn't care he was gay, but cared here is a human being and was nice. So people being a waiter or waitress is a REAL JOB. If it wasn't for our waiters or waitress we couldn't have restaurants. Thank you for everyone that works in the service field.