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I do agree that this example of a real world situation is total crap, I still have to stand up for the patrons ignorance. My horrible spelling aside, there is no need to attack me. The service should be rewarded (we're one of the few countries that do this) I love and heavily tip my servers for a good job. However, in a truely free country, the patron is still allowed their opinion even if the majority disagree with how it was presented. I do believe it is wrong to make this kind of decision based on sexual preference but the patron still has the right. Stop focusing on my poor spelling and look at the actual situation. The day we can't speak freely, regardless of the situation, is a sad day. I'll take the new world but not if I'm only allowed to speak what you want. We have an amazing country because people are allowed to speak up on both sides. Again, morally I think the patron is wrong. Constitutionally, they have every right and I support it. In power the people with better morals, don't sensor them.