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It has nothing to do with being over sensitive, and everything to do with evolution, which obviously hasn't reached you yet, not being sensitive, that comment shouldn't bother you....right?! this woman's lesson of intolerance, will be passed down to her children, my parents raised me to respect people on the basis of how they treat me, respect earns respect...etc. Would you have the same opinion of a woman refusing to sit on a bus, because there are black people on it, or refusing eat at the same lunch counter with them, I'd hope not, to teach your child this lesson of intolerance, in public, is reprehensible, obviously the service was exceptional for her to comment that the only reasons there is no tip, is because of the waitresses sexual orientation, which is not only a bigoted, un educated thing to do, it is a slap in the face to all the other servers, who often times have to split tips at the end of the shift, please step out of yourself for minute, and put yourself in that waitresses shoes, a $93 tab, means that she worked her ass off, you'd be mortified put in the same situation, and if you weren't, your a better person than the rest of us! Kudos!