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As a straight ally, I am offended that there are straight people like that who represent me. What a shame that she is so Chrisitian, yet has such a lack of tolerance and compassion. I can only feel sorry for her that she limits herself in life. If she really wanted to, she could find many wonderful friends in the gay community who would be able to show her what it is like to give of yourself to another person, to be compassionate, to be understanding, to love a person as a person. She seems to truly need this in her life. I feel more sorry for her than angry. She is misguided, and it is a shame that Dayna had to be the subject of her misguided view of morality.

We just need to take heart in the fact that there are more of us than of people like her. They are on the losing side of history, and this is one of their stages of grief.

Take care everyone. Love one another. Be an example to follow.