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Sorry TMZ, the cadence of his speech makes it sound like "fathead" to me. Unless you're arguing he has a speech impediment that makes him pronounce fag with two slightly staggered syllables. Some street walker basically interrupts him, so it will never really be clear either way. It will always end up being inferred by what your perspective is. Incidentally, for those saying "what word goes best with c**kcucking...", I don't know. Fag doesn't really go with it because the first word--whatever the pundits say--isn't a gay slur. If anything it disparages prostitutes. >.< Frankly, even if he said "fag," why does anyone care? The words we use in anger are tailored by our brain without regard to our general opinions on race, gender, sexuality, or anything else. Which is why the most color-blind soul on earth is just as likely to use the n-word against a black person if they are angry enough.