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well, I don't know how well you've been informed about "in the name of family" - let's call it what it is - political orientation - but - you should most definitely sue.
You can thank whomever you're thanking, on the fact that you are not from Croatia, and can't read Croatian articles. Because - omg - it's so disgusting, discriminating (even though they're constantly repeating that they are not - when you ask for arguments - you get that they are just not.), lying, filthy, lack of imagination even, stealing scumbags with ->
that - as their leader.
That reproducted too - that info made me very sad. 
So, in the name of HEALTY REASON and reason at all, and all the people who know what the true values on this little ball are, PLEASE, sue the hell out of them. PLEASE.
Take this, homophobic people story to any magazine, make a complete fools of our country (because we obviously deserve it), and let the world take it's course. MAYBE then this sheeps with which i share the air that i breathe, could realize that not every scientific fact, or in fact, any sign of reason isn't conspiracy after "all the good they want for us" - it's what it is - like I said before - disgusting, homophobic, cheating, stealing, lying political organisation witch should be stooped asap.

Thank you for reading, with respect,

one person from Croatia who is sick with all the crap.

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an just because it matters if you're fricken croatian - i'm straight - and no - that wasn't my choice!