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One thing I can agree with you is (it started about a year ago with the hysteria about Health Education), you can sac its only a small group of U ime Obitelji, but truly there is a huge support among ordinary people. We are sick and tired to be pushed around by a government that don’t value democracy and a small loud grope there is honestly simply not tolerant! You are talking about taking rights?? Witch rights will be taken away from LGBT that are no implemented.

I written before and I will repit myself again instead of you fighting for your rights you are stubbornly fighting for a NAME - Brand! You are used by SDP for diversion from real problems. And one day if that day comes why do you think its expressive to spend 7 000 000€ again to change the constitution?? Our government spends 10 time more on cell phones.

Regarding Yugoslavia my experiences and yes the situation got better in 80's but my family is coming from Dalmatian zagora and there is numerous times priests, and prominent people where never seen again just because of there religion or love for Croatia. There is even today "Jame" where we know who is in them and I am not talking of people killed after the WWII but in late 50's ask you parents again and stop believing in fairytales. May mother just to get education had to go true questioning of UDBA and vouches of promrnt communists!

But at least you are a polite person, and we can agree that we don’t agree, the only thing is that I don’t understand why LGBT is so against democracy, and referendum is the direct democracy!