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Because, you know, fighting against a group that is so stubborn in forbidding the people in LGBTQ* community from being able to marry the person they love is completely mental! 

I am ashamed to call myself Catholic these days. I am ashamed to say what my religion is because of you stupid, backwards, untolerant, hating people! How can you say you are a Christian? You may go to the church every day, but you sure as hell don't live by your faith. Our God tells us to love everyone equally. You should be ashamed of yourself. No one is attacking the Church here. Just the hateful people that try to show love as something twisted.

Modul 4 zdravstvenog odgoja (modul 4 of health education) was there first and foremost to teach children about responsible sexual behavior, understanding their body, not being ashamed of their feelings and about tolerance towards others. How is that a bad thing and what does it have to do with this problem?

People will for AGAINST. I have hope in our country. And if I turn out to be wrong, at least the world will finally see us for the small-minded, bigoted country we are.