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Quiet znači tiho, dragi.

Comments supporting a homophobic group and saying you will for vote for is drawing a conclusion you are homophobic. If you try to say they don't deserve the right to get marries (which is a human right), yes, you are being a homophobe.

So, tell me then, what is the purpose of this referendum if not forbidding homosexuals to get married? Please, I'm dying to know.

Well, that's the ridiculous part about this whole organization. They couldn't get married! They never tried to get that right. And still, "In the name of the family" is trying to spend a bunch of money on passing this change in the law. If you ask me, they're just trying to move the attention from some more important problems this country has, which is exactly why we should vote against and kick them in their well-fed hateful asses.

Also, if we have a nice little name for it (marriage - brak), why, just why do we have to have a whole different name for the exact same thing, just with gay people in it, and spend a bunch of money we don't have in the process?

(It's also funny how you instantly assumed I was gay - "you are not interested..." Straight people can still be decent people, you know.)