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One guy here said how he is living in Nederlands and he is against gay marriage in  Croatia... ROFLMAO...... Living in  Nederlands, but  he is still  bothered with  croatian  crap... Living in  Nederlands,  in  a country where gay marriage and adoption of children is legal... That is insane, if i would live in  a country like  Nederland i  would not give a  damn  for Croatia and  bunch of crap  which is going on here on  daily bases.. and if it is so  bad for  poor him in  that nederland, in  that baaaaaaaaaad country, where he is so  stigmatizied by being white,  chatolic str8  male from  balcans,  he  can  always get back  home... but he does not... so i  guess it is not so  bad for poor him there... actually i  am pretty sure  he lives better than  half of croats in  croatia,  who  got no idea will  they be able to provide food to  their  children  tomorrow in t heir own country.. but  yeah lets fight  over gay marriage,  that will  solve all   country problems and croatia will  become new switzerland.....

and yeah i will  vote PROTIV and i  am   str8.... and i know my english  is crap  and it does not bother me.. majority of people can understand the point of my comment...