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I am not gay and therefore this referendum does not affect me directly. However, I care about its outcome. There is a law which very clearly states what this referendum is trying to confirm. We are spending several million kunas because a group of close-minded individuals decided to be determined enough in showing the gays in Croatia their place. When the leaders of this initiative say they are simply pro-democracy, this is very true. But Croatian society is highly closed-minded and has to change. They know this very well. There is so much violence towards the gay population in Croatia it makes me sad. These are things that the initiative does not speak of. Homosexuality is not a CHOICE, just like heterosexuality isn't. And gay people in Croatia are just people who happen to be attracted to same sex. They should not be marginalized, it is only one aspect of who they are, just like we have people with blue eyes, green eyes, black hair, red hair... Freedom and love for everyone.