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My dear Croat, you are so wrong that it makes me sick! 

People like you will bring doom to this poor suffered country. 

My both uncles died in this war! BOTH OF THEM! 

And do you know why? Because they believed in free country with equal human wrights! They were against previous system and it's limitations! 

Now, those ex communists became big fashists and went to HDZ (some of them remained in SDP). And guess what, those same communists were engaged in previous system do deny gay wrights, same as today. Yes, it was more rigid before, but don't be fooled. It will be same again. Because it always starts with small things like this. And when this goes through (and I'm sure it will), next step will be taking of the wrights from unmarried couples, than signle parents, etc... 

My both uncles, amongst all, died for you too!!! You fool!!! For you who are now trying to deny human wrights in country which should, because of their spilled blood, threat all it's citizens the same. SHAME ON YOU!!! 

Read laws better. Marriage (brak) and life community (životna zajednica) are not equal in wrights. No by a long shot! And this action as well aware of it. And in it's "awareness" they are cheating people, telling that it's only protection of the name marriage. Well, it's not!

And, yes, there is one thing I agree with you! HDZ and SDP are the same although first are threated (with full wright) as fashists and other as communists. Because they were all communists 23 years ago!!!