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This is a True example of what is wrong with this world and with the LGBT Community @ large... Judgement... you say the Community freaks out if anyone tries to label them, judge them, deny them their rights... This individual, yes, it is different, put his add out there, and honestly I bet he gets plenty of people responding... 

It really isn't our place to judge or to blow things our of proportion... do I personally agree with it NO... but that is me... and I have no right to call him a creep or crepper, or psycho, etc... you guys I have seen so many more horrible things actually happen in a Gay Bar Bathroom, and you all know that is so true, unless you get so drunk you don't remember, so really, GET OVA IT!!! Jerry Springer want-ta-bes... lol... just joking, my point being is that it is harmless if all parties are kosher... so why get upset and judge... I mean everyone is throwing a fit over this, but it is okay for some guy to pay $300 for some to poop on a glass table while he is underneath watching, really, what is a bit more different, lol... Calm down, and worry about your life...