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Excuse me, Instinct Magazine!

But you yourself pointed to how you like every other gay media source, not just jumped, but POUNCED on this story like a wild animal. Don't try to do damaged control now by making her lying look bad because you are such failures as journalists that you failed to investigate before running with the story. For yes, Dayna Morales is a compulsive liar. But you and all the other members of your media consolidation brethren are lousy at journalism, which is just as bad.

And as much as I don't want to sound like a broken record, it's a White or light-complexioned person whose claim of being wronged you are AGAIN quick to jump on. For you and/or your brethren did the same thing with that White boy claiming to be gay-bashed. But in actuality, his idiot behind flipped and smashed his moronic face on a curb.

Checking such tales thoroughly before going to print is the part of Journalism 101 called, Journalistic Integrity. And you all failed miserably -  for quite awhile now.