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Who gives a fuck? I do. Want to know why? Dustin Lance Black is a plight on any young up-and-comer in Hollywood, and it's a pity that Daley wasn't privy to that fact. He jumps from one barely legal guy to the next, and I know so from personal experience. I personally know 3 guys that were 18-22 when approached and seemingly wooed by Black, all in about the same timeframe too. He made attempts to woo them, basically tried to get them to fall in love with him, and they just went around and fucked other people. Yes, we all enjoy a good casting couch story every now and then, but this guy is such a goddamn LEECH. I understand liking people younger than you, but once this relationship fails - and it will, because Black canNOT hold a relationship without cheating for more than a few months - I hope that he starts bumping up his demographic a few years. Otherwise he will eventually be that "successful Hollywood 70-year-old pedophile." I hate to sound rash, but he really is a bad person when you boil it down. It's a pity that this man has taken advantage of so many young guys, using his status to get him ahead. Tsk. I don't want to make out any stereotypes that gays are pedophiles, because we aren't. I think that Daley being involved with THIS man in particular is extremely toxic though, yes.

Also... let's be honest. Black merely ADAPTED the documentary "The Life and Time of Harvey Milk" and exploited the works of others to get where he is now, and his movies since then have been nothing more than sorry attempts at historical fiction. Not a lot of imagination there. I know he has personally screwed over a few other Hollywood players - i.e. Tom DeSanto and Bryan Singer - by acting as their partners and then ducking out and stealing projects on his own... Looks like there's not a facet of his life that is a bit honest.

I man sound like a guy who's been scorned by him, but that's not the case. I just am sick of sitting back and letting this semi-talented douche bag corrupt and ruin one guy after another. His advocacy campaigning is to be applauded to be sure, but he needs to walk the walk as well. Give me a break already...

I just hope that if they ARE in fact dating - and I wouldn't be at all surprised because I'm sure the second Daley hit the screen at the Olympics Black was already purchasing his airfare to set up a "chance encounter" - I really hope that Black's extensive "slutty phase" is over and he doesn't turn on a handsome young guy with his whole life ahead of him who was brave enough to make a stand for himself and social advancement. 

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