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The bible is rather unclear when it comes to sexual orientation in general. Regardless of that the catholic church opposes homosexuality and homosexuals. They keep saying it is unnatural hence homosexuals should not have the right to marry someone of the same sex or be given any rights that conflict with their religious beliefs. They mainly base this stand on Paul's passages and Leviticus if you haven't read them...

You are not supposed to take priests' words as the truth if you are religious, you are supposed to stick to what the bible says, not priests.

The bible also says the works of the flesh such as sensuality (which the calendar clearly uses as a mass attraction weapon) should die and priests are not allowed to purposely wake this kind of feelings on people, especially when they are supposed to bring "god's message" to people about spirituality. It is a double standard to preach about celibacy, chastity and sexual purity at the same time that these priests expose themselves on a calendar intended in a sexual way.