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The biggest problem when it comes to sex and sexuality is that people made it "tabu" and some even think of it as sinful. God made everyone a sexual being, first to multiply and then with the help of the brain He gave us, to make us feel pleasure and also to create the need to put two human beings together to share that blessing. For gays the only true feelings and enjoyment comes by two people of the same gender together, and for heterosexuals two people of the opposit gender as we all see and know. To demand and expect gay people and priests to act otherwise is naive and would deprive them of  true sexual joy. Relationships are created when people unite in the right combination. There is no harm to anyone, much less to families of heterosexual couples.  Priests, by  a rule created by other humans, are told to avoid all these blessings and are deprived by doing so of their true humanity. I'm sure young priests wake up with an erection like all men do and they are told to remember to ignore it. How is that possible? Something is completely wrong and missing here.