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God doesn't hate you!. He hates sin and sin alone. He doesn't hate you, only your sinful acts. Yes there are self-righteous(the ones who look down on anyone and everyone) christians who use their "religion" to oppress, suppress, depress,  and condemn their fellow man for the very same acts they commit. Ignore them! God, Jesus, nor the Holy Spirit oppress, suppress, depress, or condemns a man. They(God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) will chastise only if you need it. God is love! I know that is hard to understand. It is still hard for me understand. We have been taught that you gotta act right, be right 24/7 for God to love us. WRONG! God loves us so fully that He gave freely His Son, knowing full well what Jesus would go through.

This is coming from a Christian man that likes kissing other men.