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AN OPEN LETTER to the BISHOPS AND HIERARCHY of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and to my former classmate from St. Louis Preparatory Seminary South in St. Louis Currently Timothy Cardinal Dolan  IN New  York City


IT  is with the utmost of love and with total respect for you and your office that I write you today... My heart has been very heavy since I read your letter to all of us Roman Catholics regarding the same sex equality issue that we are confronted with and that now has passed..and become LAW.It is with deep regret I as a practicing Roman Catholic cannot seem to obey your request to pray my rosary each day and surround the Capitol with LOVE in my heart for what you tell us issomething which may not be acceptable in the eyes of our Holy Mother the Church as YOU yourself have interpreted Christs teaching. Actually your excellency as a matter of fact in reading my bible for over 60 years I never once found the word "gay" or the word "homosexual" anywhere in print in either the OLD TESTAMENT or the NEW TESTAMENT so please correct me if I am wrong.SO since there has never been one word uttered in print in the bible regarding being GAY or a HOMOSEXUAL I am a little bit perplexed by your decree here to go forth and with love in our hearts try to convince my legislators that same sex marriage is wrong in the eyes of Mother the Church and it seems to me personally that this issue has nothing to do with "religion" but is truly and totally a "civil rights issue!"Now you have the benefit of having studied the bible all these years and for some reason I have never understood how anyone can truly show LOVE in his heart like Jesus said to all of us all inclusively " LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF" and go forth and teach all nations to call ME BLESSED. That has nothing to do with two people who fall in love with one another whether they are heterosexuals or homosexuals .Mary Mother the Church simply is here to teach Gods word and anything to do with a "CIVIL MARRIAGE" which is a contract between two "consenting adults' is in no way shape or form going to affect anyone who is already a person of high moral fiber and one of faith who has loved and cared for and given his life to serving others in our church as well as in our community...SO since you and the Roman Catholic Church have spent millions of dollars around the country trying to """legislate morality"" in an area where there is no need for this I find your take on this same sex equality issue morally offensive..and I will tell you why...For your information I am whats called a "DUPPLESSIS ORPHAN!" Yes thats right you might wish to google it if you have never heard of such a moniker but I will brief you your eminence on what that really means... You see your eminence when I was born I was left on the doorstep of an orphanage in Montreal- Quebec - Canada called Creche D YOUVILLE. NOW it might be interesting for you to note that I spent the first four years of my life under the direct supervision of the Roman Catholic nuns and Roman Catholic priests who were there and at any given time there were at least 2000 ""babies"" who were left in this orphanage where I lived. The well known Dr. Josef Mengele was there to head up the mutilation and experimentation and eventual deaths of over 220,000 babies who in fact were tortured beyond belief by various methods used such as pouring gasoline on our bodies and then taking cigarettes and lighting them and shoving them up against our bodies and they performed lobotomies and they shoved chemicals into my body to evoke some reaction which was convulsions along with horrific experiments that you couldn't possibly dream might be used to torture and mutilate and maime little tiny babies and I repeat the tiniest frames of which I was one of those whom they used in their experiments .. This was with full knowledge of the VATICAN since Dr. Josef Mengele had left Auschwitz where my brother it so happens he was born in Auschwitz - and I think you may have heard of that place called Auschwitz Germany.. Well my brother spent the first three years of his life as a tiny baby being tortured exactly like me under the auspices of that guy named oh yes Dr. Josef Mengele. Some how my brother and I were allowed to survive and we both were the adopted sons who were taken to the midwest where I also was finally adopted and taken into the same loving Catholic Family... SO may I say in fact it is YOUR ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH of which ""you"" are so highly committed to doing what you think might be right as YOU yourself interpret the laws of your religious persuasion and somehow I think you might have it just a tad bit wrong here.You see when my brother who survived the horrible atrocities of Auschwitz as a tiny baby was liberated from that camp as whats called a """DISPLACED PERSON" he never had any reason to have been tortured under such hideous a Genocidal maniac AS DR. JOSEF MENGELE. NOW HOW CAN YOU YOUR EMINENCE A PERSON OF THE CLOTH WHO IS CLOAKED and steeped in religious dogma and faith and AND WHO openly touts that there will be terrible problems if same sex marriages are allowed in society - how can you seem to be so hell bent on stopping such ""LOVING COMMITTED SAME SEX COUPLES" to be married when somehow I think you have not been too kind and caring and I think somehow you have missed the boat on truly practicing the words of Jesus by truly showing and instilling "LOVE"" and instead you seem to want to bring however you interpret the teachings of Christ as YOU see it to people who may not agree nor may not even have any faith or belief in any higher power and this seems to truly amaze me that someone who is steeped in the rich traditions of the Roman Catholic Church and all the vast amount of teachings of faith and the dogma and principles of true LOVE somehow seem to have taken a hike when it comes to the history of the Roman Catholic Church.. I am quite mystified that you feel that society will go down and the sky will fall when same sex loving committed couples will bring our society to a hideous and screeching halt... But now will you personally tell me your excellency where were your priests and nuns who in fact were the so called BUTCHERS themselves who tortured me and 220,000 tiny babies where were these religious priests and these nuns who were supposed to be saying their rosaries and taking care of us as you suggested say those rosaries and I have been saying my rosaries all my life but how does that equate with your line of thinking such as do unto other as you would have them do unto you....,You see your eminence it is with heartfelt love I tell you my story because I feel like you might have missed this one somewhere along the line and maybe it was simply not revealed that the bible of which you speak and the good book which we all aspouse to follow has ever helped anyone who was so totally deprived of his humanity and since I was unable to say the rosary for myself those first four years I wonder if you and or anyone of your cohorts in crime had ever thought of possibly saying the rosary for all of us who were tortured and maimed and wounded and cursed and spat on and oh yes we were also used for sexual exploitation and OH I am at wits end here wondering where was Jesus when my brother and I were so tortured and brought into your living hell at birth where is this awesome GOD>>??If its up to you of course you will simply do as the rest of the Roman Catholic hierachy of the church has done for hundreds of years and simply ignore it so it will go away and not think about such things as its far more important to stop a man or woman from falling in love and being committed to one another oh my GOD its so horrific they must be stopped and it is so horrific to think of two men loving each other so much they want to commit to that love in marriage.. How can this happen that people would have such LOVE in their hearts that they might want to commit to each other.. What you have told me is YOU have really told me to my face - now OK thats ancient history so get over it.. And you have told me by your letter here that Oh we simply want what we want and we don't get into that historical stuff - FOR some strange reason I have """""never""""" seen the LOVE you speak of from the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and I have prayed my rosary after I was allowed to become a Catholic and kept my religious affiliation for 60 years you have not seemed to show me COMPASSION or KINDNESS OR CARING even though I have extended myself to YOU and to our MARY MOTHER THE CHURCH and have also been a 4th Degree Knights of COLUMBUS giving so much time and energy to such worthy causes . I have yet to feel anything from you that you tout as LOVE and I only feel degraded and maybe used and abused and maimed and wounded and scarred and left with burn holes on my body and oh I am so sorry if I have been committed to truly LOVE in my heart for those who tortured me and I am so sorry to have shown LOVE for all my fellow man and I have nothing but LOVE for my captors and for everyone in the Roman Catholic Church who tortured me and killed 220,000 tiny innocent babies I am so sorry I have not been able to OBEY your request now because somehow I think your asking me to deny my own humanity again and oh yes I know exactly what you are doing now its simply the same words I heard way back then''' YOU are simply following orders"-- Now I get it so you your eminence are simply following orders from whom I don't know but your superior HIS HOLINESS just said lately "" IF Two men love one another and they wish to commit to marriage WHO am I to judge?" And His holiness said in fact" """LEAVE THEM ALONE the gays are Gods children and they don't need to be tortured and mutilated for something which is natural as they never had a choice yes being gay is not a choice.""". Thats your boss the HOLY FATHER SPEAKING your eminence! BY the way your eminence my brother and I have forgiven everyone- totally---my brother and I have forgiven you totally- and we have no animosity towards anyone of good high moral fiber --- but we WILL NEVER FORGET!SO it is with LOVE in my very own heart your eminence I tell you I have tried Lord precious Jesus I have tried to show YOU consideration and LOVE and kindness all my life and I have lived up to the standards that I was taught by two loving parents who wanted me and adopted me and my brother each from our very own HOLOCAUST and I have a feeling now the Roman Catholic Church has gone a tiny bit astray in their ways since they seem to feed on something we will never have in our hearts and its HATE.YOU see your eminence I have taken my life and my brother and I have totally forgiven YOU and everyone who tortured and maimed us in any way shape or form -and I said we have FORGIVEN THEM and we forgive YOU as a member of that church...... we spread LOVE and I don't seem to understand how you have been able to spread anything but HATE as long as you believe yourself that there can be nothing such as LOVE of two people who might be the same sex - simply because it is an affront to your beliefs and your dogma it simply ok for you to spread totally ill will and HATE.I have no regrets and I will never spread anything but LOVE in my heart to all mankind which is not what comes from HOLY MOTHER the CHURCH! They do not practice what they preach! SO I suggest your eminence that as you have pointed out to me in your letter to me if you truly LOVE mankind and you truly have some belief system in place that deprives humanity from any kindness and caring for same sex couples then I feel that you need to keep that to yourself and don't spread those beliefs to others who may not agree with you.In the meantime I will always keep you and my beloved fellow gay brothers and sisters in my thoughts and prayers and I sincerely wish you a very long and happy life in whatever belief system you employ...and maybe just once in your life you can possibly find it in your own heart to forgive me and maybe you can some how someday make an accounting to me personally and if not well to the big guy upstairs because I know how I am with HIM and I know I am loved by Jesus in a very "SPECIAL WAY""" and my brother and I have no ill will towards anyone and we love our creator and we know our GOD AND HE will never allow you or anyone else to take your hideous and despicable HATE and the killing machines you used to torture both of us and do anything related to what we have been through ever again in this life and with love in our hearts we will always be here to forgive but NEVER FORGET.....I want you to know I will always LOVE and HONOR and OBEY my KING and MY GOD and I will not harbor any feelings of HATE towards anyone whether its the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH or anyone associated with them I have NO HATE in my heart for anyone...I took my plight and turned it to LOVE and to JESUS and I suggest you take your beliefs and take them to Jesus and not spread that belief to other men of good will... I would only hope you have it in your heart to make a final accounting now and maybe you can finally find it in your heart to apologize to me for what you see as Gods way and Gods will and your dogma and faith tells you its perfectly ok to deny humanity their God given rights to love whom they please and finally now its time for YOU to obey your boss as long as it seems now you are not quite in line with your own BOSS. I think its time for you to redirect all your energies and really do as your boss tells you directly to do now "" Leave the Gays alone and if one so loves another of the same sex who am I to judge??I think you better start listening to your boss when he says ""Its ok to have same sex marriage equality! " I think somehow you might have strayed a little bit from the truth here and its with the utmost of LOVE in my heart I tell you that I hope and pray you will find it in your own heart to forgive me for not obeying the decree of your letter since at this time in my life you cannot ask me to do this since I think I have been through enough of your preaching and teaching which do nothing but harm and show divisiveness and HATE for all human kind.. I feel like if you had to go through what my brother and I did you would have a little bit better perspective on MANKIND and GODS REAL """""LOVE""""" and HIS teaching about true LOVE for all humankind not just your tiny assessment of what ""you"" feel is morally right and is steeped in your own dogma and faith of the truest words of GOD and thats LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.My brother and I love you and we will never have one ounce of ill will towards anyone of true faith and high moral fiber and we will totally continue to OUT LOVE YOU even as you still continue to deprive humanity of their God given rights to LIFE - LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESSS. You simply don't want anyone to be LOVED but yourself and its ok to be mean spirited to tell us that we should go your way when I don't think your way seems to be one of truest deepest LOVE but more kind of on the hateful side and maybe you can possibly explain to me personally why you and your awesome ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH were allowed to KILL and perpetrate TORTURE and DEATH to the tiniest of babies to the tune of over 220.000 under the direct decree from the VATICAN you need to answer for something so grave as this before you spread such HATE for so called same sex relationships steeped in LOVE.... for these are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY for which you seem to think its ok - so I think the issues you take up are a tiny bit off since there is nothing to be harmed when two loving people who commit to each other need not your CHURCH to make that happen....... ??Its high time to answer for your CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY FIRST before you start working on equality issues that have nothing to do with your CHURCH.Jesus is the one who will judge you and me and Jesus will be the only one who tells me to my face what I can do with my own body and whom I shall love and commit to on earth now.YOU need to somehow clean house now and answer to your BOSS!Gods peace and love and fondest best to you and yours with the utmost of LOVE and RESPECT for you and the Church I simply say go forth and teach all nations to call ME BLESSED and don't interfere with what GOD almighty has made so PERFECTLY OK and thats GODS given choice to have same sex marriage equality and not YOURS.May you find true LOVE in your heart for all of Gods children and not let your beliefs be spread onto an otherwise LOVING committed HUMANKIND who needs peace and not your HATE and divisive leadership to truly keep on killing mankind -aloha with fondest peace and light and love sincerely RICK PIVA .-  R