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Jerry, thank you for responding in a mature and polite way. I respect and defend your right to speak your mind in here..after all it is a forum designed for people to voice their opinions and have been called such a vile name for speaking my mind really hurt my feelings...I know, I don't know the person and it shouldn't have hurt me but it did. I am still from another world where words had power and you minded what you said to people...not anymore. People throw out the "C" word like it's nothing. That word has NO place in my world and it should have NEVER been said to me. The way you responded is how we all should. You dont agree with me yet you didn't belittle me when making your point...It was just a general comment about todays youth..they don't think before they act..and with social media being pandemic, there are no 'skeletons in the closet" anymore....they are all out in the open and in the light for all to see, hear, taste, lick, stick, post, replay and respond more 'hush hush'...which really makes me sad. Back in the day of REAL movie stars...the Gossip Columnists such as Hedda Hooper protected and defended them. If something unflattering happened, the person could call and plead their caser to Hedda and she would NOT focus on that negative story, instead she would write about something totally different to get the public's attention diverted to another 'shiny' object...Not it's go for the jugular and rip it out, tear it up and spit it out for all to see, hear and feel...Negative media is pandemic and it really makes me sad and leaves me longing for an older time, a more private and polite time when people not only had good manners but they used them.