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I don't know this man.  I don't watch this show & I have not read his full interview in GQ, but what I have read & heard in blog postings & news shows is nothing short of ignorant.  His comments about gay sex being sinful & comparing it to bestiality & his views on black people being happy before the civil rights movement are ignorant.  He may well be a product of his environment & has most likely had only a small first hand exposure to gay people & black people in his life.  When you are told your whole life, by your parents, teachers, churches & other authority figures that something is bad, wrong, or sinful, you are likely to adopt that line of thinking.  It doesn't necessarily mean that he is a bad person, but his comments prove that he is misguided at best & at worst homophobic & racist & ignorant.  He is entitled to his opinion, even if it is wrong, but if you choose to make statements like this on the world stage, then you should be prepared for other people to exercise their rights to their opinions too.  His words have shed new light on an important discussion that includes free speech, homophobia, racism & the state of people's priorities in this country.  I hope that this man seriously explores why his remarks are creating such controversy & that he examines those reasons & hopefully learns something from this.  A&E have done the right thing & at great risk to themselves.  Homophobia & racism should not be tolerated & people MUST be educated on that.  If you excuse this man's comments & views, you are by & large supporting his comments & views.

It is time for this kind of attitude to end.  Ignorance can be cured by education.  We must keep fighting.