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Are you freaking kidding me, Andrew Christen models? and Obama care? This is really too much.  As bad as getting Billy Jean King to go to Russia for the Olympics representing the US.  Now Gays are going to be used to exploit? I guess its amazing that we have come so far that we are recognized as an important subgroup of the Nation.  Yes Gays are a big force to reckon with, but the Health plan doesn't work, it doesn't do what it was promised to do and should be dropped.  I was hoping it would implode by now.   Gay men want to stay with our current Health Care Providers. Why would we sign up with an insurance that could assign us to some random Doctor?  Moreover, why would the Government think we are so shallow that we can do what they say if they dangle some eye candy in front of us?  Not giving us the credit of being highly educated and opinionated.  That's my take anyway.