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Every human being has the right to express his belief, his opinion, his thoughts. Just as you do. If his belief is that then he has every right just as you have the right to indulge in your own life. I have a right to believe in what I want to believe. If this is what America stands for FREEDOM then no one has a right to say anything about what I believe. I could care less what gay people do behind closed doors, I don't care that is your life. But do not force your life and belief on me and tell me I have to accept because to do so you take my freedom away, my rights away. I have every right not to accept your way of life. I don't hate you, I hope you are happy but I shouldn't be subjected or forced to accept something that I don't believe in, its that simple.

You can go ahead and do what you want, you are protected by the courts. Your way of life is accepted by the government, your way is accepted by corporations, you can get married, you can do what you want. However you will never be accepted by the Church or by Christian beliefs and that is something you must accept if that is your way of life.

What you do as I said I don't care. But just as you are protected and have the right I also am protected by the Constitution of the United States to express my freedom of speech. I have the right to speak out against any subject that I oppose. If I choose to speak out against democrats , my right. If I choose to speak out Obamacare, my right. If I chooses to speak out against Captain Crunch again my right.  I have that freedom and right, and that is what Duck Dynasty's Phil did. Now because he did he loses his job, he cannot say his belief. His rights have been stripped, he has been discriminated against, he has now faced a modern day religious persecution and there is no other way to put that.

Now from what I said above you will say I am a homophobic, I am a hater, I am someone who must be a religious freak. I will completely deny that. My brother is gay. My sister in law my wife's sister is a lesbian who by the way is raising three great kids. We love them all. The kids are doing great and we're a happy family. However I still do not accept that way of life and they know that and understand that. I am not going to change my belief no one will ever convince me of that. Again I should be given the right and freedom to believe that without having someone tell me I must abide or I must accept because then my freedom and rights have been taken away.