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I love when people "speak their peace" and tell people to get over it  BUT they remain anonymous.

Why people watch these people and find them interesting is beyond me. I believe that if you have nothing better to do than sit at home and watch hours of staged, "semi-scripted and forced "real life" television, you should most likely look into what you can be doing as  a human being to maybe help others and spend your time more wisely. There are sick children to read to at hospitals, Animal rights groups to help out at, homeless shelters to volunteer at.  There is nothing TO GET OVER but how ridiculous it is that we even know this idiots name. Write to A & E tell them how you feel.

I am saddened that closed mindedness still persists in our culture. Freedom of speech is a right but we have a responsibility when we become "public figures" to keep things positive and not to cause hurt or hate to our fellow man /woman .