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This is disgusting & horrific.  If governments reduce the rights of gay people & criminalize what is natural to us, it sets a precedent that we are less than other humans.  If we are seen as "less than" by governments & leaders, we become targets of hatred & violence.  It becomes acceptable to scorn, beat & even kill us.  A friend recently posted on FB an incredibly distressing video of 2 gay men literally being beaten to death in front of hundreds of people, including police, in Nigeria.  It seemed like everyone was in on it.  This happened this month.  I really wish I hadn't clicked the link.  It was horrifying.  I will never get over it.

Things are improving for LGBT people here in the States.  The government/law is increasingly more on our side, but there is still a long way to go.  The USA must lead the way in educating the world to the fact that LGBT people are no different than anyone else.  We deserve equal rights & equal treatment.  We cannot rest in this fight.  This is too important.  We are too important.  We need to get angry.  We need to be vocal & we need to demand equal treatment & respect in every corner of the world.

I realize that this is just a comment on an Instinct Magazine blog post & that most of the posts here are celebrating that Hugh Jackman took his shirt off, or a rugby team made a naked calendar, but I don't know what to do.  What can I do?  How can I help?  How can I stop this global injustice?  How?