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Thank you!  But, now gay for my last 45 years, I grew up in a time when if by age 25 - 30 you were unmarried and had no children you suddenly became a topic of curiosity.  If you responded that you were not married, the usual response:  "Oh!  Why not?  You are such a handsome man!  Any woman would love to ring you in."  The invasive, intrusive pressures put on men in particular was beyond offensive.  I have been fortunate.  I am very masculine, successful, well educated and love all those "man things".  Now approaching 70, I no longer am a subject of curiosity.  If they do not know my "story", they have enough respect not to ask.  Some gays seek out the "heroes" (a la Rodgers) to self-identify as gay, believing that further validates their own gayness.  I do not see it that way.  Yet, we have a LONG way to go before being straight or gay is no longer a hot button issue.