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I too really, really, really like women.  I was married. I have two kids. Grand kids.  That does NOT tie a knot in the wiener! He may not be the classic "gay", but with the rumors that are flying around, they started somehow, somewher by someone.  Typically where there is smoke, there is fire.  MANY public figures say they are not gay, and later decide to be honest with themselves, and the world.  Look around at all the public figures that claimed they were not gay until solid proof came out that they were indeed gay.  Really, who cares! If they do not want to come out, we will wait until the decide to quit hiding.  Even getting married does not mean that are not gay, even having children,does not change anything.  Just wait and see.  It will happen.  Think about TV personalities, movie stars, sports figures, wall street types.  Just a matter of time.