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well said!! got me to search 'britney spears' on this site and majority of the 'positive' britney related stories (new music...etc) over the last several months were written by Nigel Campbell while majority of the 'negative' stories (random quotes you never hear/read about anywhere else) were written by Jonathan Higbee-that said...Jonathan WHAT THE FUCK DID BRITNEY EVER DO TO YOU!? or are you just hardcore Timberlake fan!? i'm so sick of all your mountain out of a mole hill britney stories!!!! i never see these 'headlines' anywhere else on tv/online-it seems you have a true, personal bias! and believe me i can't stand people who get all cocky and brave from behind a keyboard but i just had to say something!!! please can this website move on in 2014 and not fish for the backhand in a compliment or statement-in know it's coming...LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!