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Looking on as an outsider, (I neither know your magazine, until now, nor am  a huge Britney fan), but having read of the upbringing/education Britney has had, the comments she has made appear genuine and innocent in context. Perhaps she cannot express how she feels in the manner in which you would like. You however, by your careless judgement could easily end a person's career, or cause emiotional damage. Like most "journalists" these days, as dannydawn6 so rightly says, you hide behind your keyboards, firing off judgement, not even thinking of the consequences. Why can't you just offer impartial information, rather than enter the "bitchfest" media circus. I don't care if celebrities sign themselves up for public doesn't mean they sign up to public ridicule and one way judgementalism.....time you looked for a more life rewarding career..if you have the qualifications.