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This is my second comment on this subject. After thinking a little more about your "concern" Itay Hod, I realized that you would not be so upset over this Congressman, unless he did something personal to you, or your friend. Maybe both. May be what you are telling us is not the whole story? That you have some sort of personal vendetta against this Congressman. Maybe, you met him, and he wasn't interested in you? Maybe you dated, and he dumped you? Maybe you are jealous that he is a Congressman, and he has more power than you? No one would be this angry, or question this Congressman's homophobic activity, unless there was some personal anger tied up in this. I am doubtful you are telling us the whole story. If you know in your heart this to be true, and you are not doing this for the gay movement alone, but to get even, and start trouble, I would stop now. Leave it alone, and move forward with your own life. "Don't throw stones at glass houses"! You have already exposed this Congressman, and leave it at that.