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Jesus Christ, is this reductive biatch ever gonna stop her wining?  She whines about everything, when it goes wrong, man up for once stop your bitchin and complaining, apparently she it's never her fault things go wrong. It was not her fault that "Born this way" was a straight duplication of the Queens hit "Express Yourself" it was not her fault that her fans were attacking Madonna at one point, and now it not her fault "Artflop" flopped.  Huney it SUCKED!  This has to be the worst album of your career, let it go.  The reason why your so called friends did not stand by you it's because the album is shit, the music business is about making money not losing, it seems that you are beginning to start a trend, remember your tour in 2012?  A disaster, Livenation lost money on yout trek, get over yourself, stop complaining, your album sucked that is the reason they threw your ugly ass back on the road with a much tamer carefully priced tour, to make up for the album losses, nobody cares shut the fck up and disappear please!