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 Ok. Look. All you people on here who wish to bash the shit out of Lady Gaga, for having the balls to do something NONE of you would EVER do. Go somewhere else with that bull shit. I am sorry that you do not know how the fame world works. Ok, so there is not a scar showing, HELLO ITS CALLED COVER UP!!!!!!! Fucking idiots. She apologized for something that happened, and she was ill. When you are ill, do you do all that you say you will do? No, I dont think so. So give Lady Gaga a break, she is HUMAN JUST AS YOU AND I ARE! Now, this is to Lady Gaga, if she reads this. You had no reason to apologize. If they are your true friends, and fans they will understand. Keep doing you, I and many of your other Little Monsters love you and forever support you. Get well and keep up the great work. :) <3