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It's easy t understand why ARTPOP flops.

Any singers who rely on "schtick" instead of simply writing ground-breaking tunes that people can truly appreciate and evoke emotions.  Once the "shock value" of being different wears off, you damn well better have something else to back it up, and quite frankly, she doesn't.  She's just a run-of-the-mill pop star with many cheap Euro-thrash flavor. 

Once her odd-ness became commonplace for her, it's no longer going to garner the media attention that it used to, so the only thing left to talk about is asslicking her fans and begging them to download her songs from iTunes multiple times, watching YouTube, which to be honest, is just recycled Cher, Donna Summer, Kylie and Madonna's era. Of course these pop stars do not need to go on Twitter telling the world how good they music would sound and let their music speak.....

She is in a contest with herself to outdo her last exhibition. Boring !