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I've read all of these comments almost and every single one is a mirrored image of the one before. Yeah ARTPOP didn't make the sales or the charts like it was advertised. But since Applause was released everyone had the mindset that ARTPOP was gonna flop before any other songs were released which is so fucking terrible. It's actually an amazing album but of course, I guess you've actually got to have a brain for something that's not your cookie cutter popstar shit. And every single song has a deeper meaning and she has a lot of metaphors in all her work. What you say about her copying someone is called inspiration. If you know anything about writing music, you'll know that if you have a song stuck in your head, that song will come out in a way in the music and the lyrics. Just like every other artist. Everyone has a song that sounds like one of the past artists. There's so much unneeded hate for Gaga because she puts a lot of theatre in her fame. Yeah she likes the spotlight or she wouldn't have become famous. And I noticed a comment how her fans were hateful and she needs to say something to them. She definitely has. She's said several things about it calling them fake fans and all that. But she has no control over what her fans do. No celebrity does. All your