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  Thanks for saving me the time of having to write much the same!

I find it curious that the religious fundamentalists who once called me "friend" will never enter an objective, calm, thoughtful, dialogue about these issues with me......they just get silent.  No response at all.  I've even named this dynamic when it happens and still nothing.  It is such a common experience, that a church where I was a member for 18 years and served in pastoral ministry never even acknowledged my letter of transfer to another congregation over these very issues.  They just quietly struck my name from the rolls.  I didn't leave because we differed in our views; I left because no one was willing to talk about anything other than what they thought was Right and True (yes, capital R, capital T).  Sad beyond words.  To quote John Philip Newell from a speaking engagement I attended:  "It is an insecure faith that cannot consider the beliefs of another."