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You guys that take the time to comment negatively on pictures like this, that's obviously for pure entertainment and enjoyment, are either bitter, old and lonely queens, or just simple minded bored homosexuals.  Did I really read someone breaking down the anatomy to insist on the realness of this photo?? Get a freaking life men!  And I'm definitely not attacking you Dr. Feelgood, I applaud you for taking the time to break down those anatomy elements for people.  Obviously you felt the need to do so based off of bitter gays who can't appreciate the simplicity of the photo which is to point out how attractive the Twilight/Hercules star is, and the fact that he goes commando sometimes, AND we as men who love men can appreciate the visuals.  I get tired of people using the comment section on this and other sites as their personal soap box of negative word play.  Give me a break... having said all that, This dude is definitely HOT! and real or not, I'm enjoying the view! Thanks Instinct!