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I am so tired of people using the bible to hate others. Of course she is homophobic - bit by saying it is her "religious belief" she thinks that gives her a free pass to hate others.
I am not sure what the gay lifestyle she speaks of is but that is as assinine as someone saying they aren't racist but they just don't agree with the "black lifestyle". Again its a pass to hate and not be held accountable!
Any religion that tells you to disown your children or not love and supports others in your life because of how they were born and who they love is not a true religion in my book. These religions that say if you are different then the rest of us "you will not go to Heaven" are nothing more then hateful bullies . The same can be said for those like Ms. Shephard who stand on their bibles in order to judge others. Its just made worse in this case because Ms. Shephard has the means to spew her hate on such a public level!