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The hatred spewed in most of these comments is how gays are too often their own worst enemy. Being narcissistic enough to say, "all or nothing".

If she's not gay herself, and is trying to undo the hate in herself that she's been taught, why should she take all? She can't. For she is going through a process of acceptance. And coming from a Christian background being told all your life that one will burn in hell for being a homosexual, it does not happen overnight. I know because that's why it took me so long to come out.

I'm still a God-believing man. I just don't go to church like I used to because the hypocrisy is now too much. Maybe because she's straight, Sherri Shepherd will never get to that point. But I'm not going to go hating on her when she unlike most shows that she's trying.

Wow! And people try to accuse me of being an "angry Black man" over racism, as if I have no reason. Meanwhile, these same people are coming here being "angry homosexuals" for no good reason. Stop sipping on that Hypocrisy you're drinking!