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Are you kidding me? English as my second language is the reason I made a blatant homophobic statement? In this guy's apology he still states that we have a racy lifestyle that is incompatible with raising a family or being a good example. Do people not realize that sex between males is just as racy and 'inappropriate' as sex between a female and male when put into the context of raising a family??? Gay people are no more of a bad example for kids than straight people are. We raise our children just as appropriately and many times more appropriately than some straight people. The problem is that homophobic people cannot separate us from sex. Rick Santorum did the same thing to me. I asked if he would kick me out of the military and take away my retirement if someone saw a vacation picture of Josh and I. He responded you can't have sex in the military. Once again reduced to the lowest common denominator. Sex is a very small part of our being, it is what defines us as people just as much as sex defining straight people. Could you imagine if everyone judged you constantly right up to whether or not you should be able to marry or have children based on their judgment of what you do in the bedroom. I am so tired of this small minded intolerance. Stop taking everything to sex. We are human beings, I do have sex with my husband. I also cook with him, go to movies with him, take our dogs on a walk, and just sit for endless hours talking. Stop defining my life by what you picture me as doing in my bedroom why is that so hard for people to understand?!?!