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The BIGGER question here is,... Why do you give a damn?!

1)He's straight. So it's not on the forefront of his mind. So stupid as a viewpoint he might have, I understand him needing an hour to talk about it.

2) He's a guy on a reality show about dating 20+ women over a few weeks time to find a wife! And for that reason mostly, he's not exactly a symbol of wisdom.

Is it that you know he's not a symbol of wisdom, and your life is empty enough to be a militant gay looking for a fight? If not, then the only other possibility is that you are showing yourself to be so pathetically desperate to seek acceptance from someone like that.

And before trying to turn this around on me with my history here of addressing issues like racism, take note that I go on the attack of people in power. Influential people. For those are the people who need to have their viewpoints challenged. To me, the rest like Sean are simply peons to write off as stupid, then proceed with your day. You all need to grow a sense of self where you don't give a damn about what such guys think, and just love yourself being yourself, and have a happy life.