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Must say that I think media has a huge role in the perception of the gay community.... when they interview somebody at a Pride Parade for example, the person they look for to speak to the media is the one that is the most out there, tattoos all over their body, piercings all over their body, barly any clothes on, if any, and most likely there is a some sort of a make out session on their as well....what are people supposed to think when every chance the media gets, this is what they are choosing to represent our community with???  Media perceives us as a community of sex, alcohol, and parties....sad thing was when I first went to volunteer for our local Pride organization, I walk in to the welcome meeting and the Executive Director is saying, "face it guys, we are all about the alcohol and party, that's our gay lifestyle, so we need to go to the big beer companies and ask them for money..." I was like, wow, no wonder nobody will ever take us serious...I walked out of that meeting.