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Just as Overstock has voiced their opinion in favor of supporting the LGBT Community, an executive who doesn't share that opinion should also be allowed to voice his opinion for what he believes, right? Overstock has expressed their beliefs, but just because one person that works for them doesn't... is that really a reason to boycott them? It may not be a favorable opinion, but he's still entitled to it. Any company that doesn't stand by their employees sharing their beliefs, shouldn't be a company. I for one think it's amazing that Overstock stands up and speaks out for the LGBT Community. Just because one person that works for them doesn't, is that a reason to hate? Personally, I don't see a reason to hate, a company that allows their employees to think and feel and express themselves.. in my opinion is a good company. It's just funny that there all this hate towards one man expressing his beliefs, when you on here are expressing yours (but no one is really hating on you). It's a double edged sword, we're all entitled to our own opinion. We shouldn't be penalized for sharing it or expressing who we are. So, neither should Overstock... the company stands by the LGBT Community, and from what I can see.. there was a time when that would have been abhorrent. I commend them for standing by an employee with a different opinion, it shows character..