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Why doesn't someone ask her -- and make her sit there until she answers -- why God, even if *He* were totally pissed off about abortion and homosexuality, would visit terrible things upon the innocence?  Would it not be better for that vengeful anthropomorphic God to punish the very people who have offended *Him*?  -- I mean, what with him being so all powerful and all.

Or does Ms. Atnus really find it in her heart to worship an always-vengeful, never-compassionate deity that is also wantonly cruel one, a *God* who thinks that if enough unjust pain, suffering and destruction is visited upon those not guilty of the abhorred sins, then those who escaped unscathed will reek horror and havoc on those guilty of the particular sins Ms. Atnus doesn't like.

Ms. Atnus needs to get out of politics and go spend some quality time in Sunday Schoool.